White Supremacists, white nationalists or whatever there called

Donald Trump is a racist, that’s why he wouldn’t specify that he wont tolerate hate. In Virginia last weekend violence broke out as the White nationalists, neo nazi’s whatever there called demonstrated in Charlottesville, violence broke out and one person brutally killed and many others injured. These groups have historically have a message of ignorance and intolerance. They advocate isolation instead of advocating diversity. What America foundation is built on. What happened in charlottesville in nothing less than Domestic terrorism yet the president who is quick to ridicule anyone he dislikes or gets in his way is mysteriously silent on this issue. When it happened I would have expected not only a condemnation of the violence but action as in Police or the National guard to send a strong message hate won’t be tolerated. The truth be told these people who have laid in the weeds for many years now are a strong supporter of Trump and been able to galvanize others who are not violent but to convince them that a White America is what we need. Not diversity. This is outlandish and should reflect exactly where trumps heart is. Is this the person to lead the largest superpower on Earth….NOT!!


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