Attention Deficit Disorder Does everyone have ADD

I received a notification from a blogger whose site directed me to a symptom checker about ADD or ADHD or whatever it’s called. For some reason this compelled me to write about this learning disorder. It reminded me of my experience with Attention deficit disorder.

I am “old school”and back when I was growing up there was no such thing as Attention deficit disorder, although in retrospect I had every symptom. When I was 8 yrs old I banged my head on the wall while in bed in order to fall a sleep or I banged my legs up and down in bed continuously in order to sleep. I never told anybody I was to embarrassed.

Nevertheless years later at age 27 I was diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder and prescribed Ritalin. For some years it worked great and my career accelerated. I could read and actually comprehend what I read. I could make decisions more accurately and quicker than ever before. I could take Ritalin before bedtime and be sleeping in five minutes. My diagnoses was correct and my ability to earn greater income and improve my financial stability and live a more comfortable lifestyle was afforded me.

That said even back in the 1980’s when the ADD boom began, Doctors distributed these highly addictive drugs such as Ritalin, Adderal and others, like candy. I took it four. While there is scientific method to diagnose this learning disorder psychiatrist evaluate a patient thoroughly and ask a series of questions to determine if someone suffers from ADD. There are methods that don’t include drugs to improve your symptoms however most psychiatrists prescribe medication

These drugs are just short of legal crystal Meth. Don’t get me wrong they helped me immensely but I didn’t need to take them for 30 years four times a day whether I really needed them or not. While these drugs don’t comprise a big percentage of the prescription drug problem epidemic in this county it’s a microcosm of how some psychiatrist’s have become nothing more than legal drug pusher’s and when someone get’s in trouble they divorce themselves like the plague from their patient. Just a thought. What do you think?


4 Replies to “Attention Deficit Disorder Does everyone have ADD”

  1. I worked with the disabled for quite some time and experience people with real ADD. I also experienced kids who were prescribed the drug because doctors gave into parent insistence because the parent’s didn’t know how to control their children when they acted out. Face it, every child goes through a phase where they act out an rebel, I know I and the other kids I hung around with did, but after a year or two we grew out of it. Some parents handled it well, others (like mine) believed in the “spare the rod” philosophy, other parents were totally lost. But, we all grew out of it.

    Parents these days want happy little children and freak out when it doesn’t work out that way, they are less willing to take a firm hand (not speaking of spanking) in the matter and act as parents. Those ADD-druged children are now parents and, like their parents, not all are sure how to handle things when their children act out. Fortunately doctors are less willing to just prescribe the drugs to help parents, but it still happens.


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