When Insurance companies play Doctor

As a diabetic I battle the never ending battle to keep my blood glucose levels low. No easy task and when I receive a letter from my Insurance company indicating out of the goodness of their heart they approved a medication for a months supply however going forward without a letter from my Doctor illustrating why I need this medication instead of a cheaper medication or they won’t approve future prescriptions. That makes me livid, I go to the Doctor for medical advise and medical care. For that I pay a fee. I pay an Insurance company I thought to pay my medical bills and prescriptions not to question my Doctors decision, not add additional stress in my life. Maybe I should charge them to see a psychologist to reduce the stress they caused.

How does the Insurance Industry have the right to interject themselves into someones medical care. They have no business interfering in the Doctors decisions and dictating the medications my Doctor deems beneficial to me. There job are to pay the bills that is what I pay them for. Furthermore a new drug becomes available that’s better than any other drug in that category for example. A Doctor writes a prescription only for the patient to be informed by the Pharmacist the Insurance doesn’t cover it. Insurance companies rarely cover any drug less than three years old despite it’s benefits. This is outrageous. Why is this tolerated.

Why does it costs 15 dollars for opiate painkiller for a month supply and 1000 dollars for a month supply of Insulin when paying out of pocket. Painkillers are a necessary drug when used appropriate to improve comfort, however Insulin is necessary drug to sustain life. I’m confused people will die without Insulin they won’t without painkillers. Is there something wrong with this picture. I don’t know where I’m going with this but somehow I think it ties in.

It has never been more clear now we need Universal Health Care including prescription medication. Our social or financial standing should not dictate the health care, including medication available to all. The fire department doesn’t come to a burning building and ask if you have insurance, they put the fire out. What is the difference in principal when it comes to health care.

How is it in Canada people can get any drug they have a prescription for,  for free. Or see any Doctor they want for free. Why is it-the so called “super power” the “United States of America” can’t provide all it’s citizen’s equal health care. I’ll tell you why two reasons we tolerate it and GREED



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