Cavaliers trade Kyrie Irving

The Cleveland Cavaliers granted the wishes of their superstar Guard trading him to the Boston Celtics for Guard Isiah Thomas, Forward Jae Crowder another player and a 1st round draft pick from the New Jersey Nets in 2018. As details become available we will update this post.

The cavaliers capitulated to Irving’s wishes and Danny Ainge the General Manager of the Celtics catapulted his team as a legitimate contender for Eastern Conference title if not the out right favorite especially in light of the acquisition of All-Star forward Gordon Hayward and their first round draft pick Jayson Tatum who looks head and shoulders better than anyone in the draft.

Don’t get me wrong considering the position the Cavaliers and Dan Gilbert were put in by Irving’s demands to be traded they amassed a collection of talent that will keep the Cavalier’s Contenders if not favorites to win the Eastern conference.

While Thomas’s statistics compare favorably to Irving’s he is not Kyrie Irving. He is a defensive liability the Cavaliers exposed in the Eastern conference final’s last year. So much so that Brad Steven’s cut his playing time as the series progressed. Nevertheless he is a legitimate starting guard with prolific offensive abilities. To me the acquisition of Jae Crowder which few are talking about will prove to be unexpected but welcome addition. He is an enforcer down low and in the paint something the Cavaliers desperately need and added protection for Lebron James.

The hidden gem for the Cavaliers is the First round draft pick in 2018 from the Brooklyn Nets which Boston owned which may turn out to be the NO.1 overall pick.

For Boston they got the Superstar difference maker they were looking for. Put that together with the acquisition of Haywood and potential star power of Jayson Tatum  and they can have a formidable threesome. As an aside it was a mistake for the Celtics not hold on to Avery Bradley. He is a difference maker on the defensive end. Hard to find shut down defenders



2 Replies to “Cavaliers trade Kyrie Irving”

  1. Personally, I’m not that high on Kyrie, so I give the Cavs an A+ on this trade. I don’t mind the Celtics swapping Thomas for Kyrie, but I feel that the Nets pick is too steep of a price.


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