Speechless in Washington

I lived through a President being assassinated. A president who resigned over Watergate. A President who probably did illegal activities regarding Iran Contra. A president who was impeached. However never have I been so unsettled by a President as I have been by the words and actions of President Trump. I’ve championed civil rights causes all my life and now I am left with no words only a pit in my stomach to think any decent person nonetheless the President of the United States has no moral code regarding hatred, bigotry and antisemitism.

What’s even more repugnant is that 60% of Republicans of approve of his handling regarding Charlottesville. Is that where we are in America in 2017?

In the words of Pink Floyd, “I am comfortably numb” I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal so maybe I’m biased. I don’t think so.

What’s even more troubling is while Trump becomes increasingly isolated there is not a single member of the Republican party to stand up and lead. This is what troubles me.

Paul Ryan the Speaker of the house proved in a town hall meeting moderated by CNN he is not the one. He has his own agenda and interest in his own political future. This is not to say that he is not a morally upright individual. Because he is. He’s a man of high moral character, but not a leader.

So where do we go from here….I don’t know, but somebody better start concentrating on North Korea and Healthcare reform and tax reform. Don’t you think? Like I said I’m Speechless








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