Do I have Diabetes-Signs and Symptoms

For anyone who is a diabetic there is no worse feeling than low blood sugar. Low blood sugar level of the sugar glucose is also called Hypoglycemia. For me the first thought is that I”m having a panic attack which sometimes feels like your dying. I shake uncontrollably and attack the refrigerator to find something to eat. I can’t eat fast enough, however between glucose pills which are essentially sugar pills or pills designed to increase your blood sugar levels and food, hypoglycemia is gone in 15 minutes. The symptoms for each person is different. It is not uncommon to experience extreme symptoms which are so intense 15 minutes feels like forever. When you recover it’s like nothing ever happened and hard to comprehend why just a short while ago your shaking like a leaf and feel like you dying

When my blood sugar levels are high also called hyperglycemia which is most of the time I have no side effects. It is uncommon for my blood sugar levels to reach 500 but they do occasionally. For me their are no immediate effects. When they do reach those levels its time to call your Doctor and head to the emergency room. I will expand on that shortly.  Eventually however I will become extremely thirsty and my mouth will feel like paste and it doesn’t matter how much I drink I can never quench my thirst. Additionally People begin to have to urinate much more frequently. Those are the most common signs you have diabetes. There are other symptoms as well including weight loss, fatigue and blurred vision. Diabetes is no joke if you suspect you have diabetes see your Doctor immediately.

Besides medications and Insulin the best way to control diabetes is through diet and exercise. For type 2 diabetics who acquire diabetes later in life it can be a real struggle to keep your sugar or blood glucose level under control. It requires giving up Coke or Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, energy drinks, mashed potatoes, rice, cake, cookies to name a few. These are things we been eating all our lives and suddenly we have to give them up. A whole lifestyle change needs to take place. It’s imperative to find a diabetic diet that works for you, which regardless of what you consume it requires keeping your sugar intake and carbohydrate intake low.

Most always when sugars get out of control it is self inflicted as I will give in to ttemptation and eat something I like like pasta or pizza or ice cream. There is a time and place to cheat but following a low carb diet is important.



There is plenty of literature and good books to read to help you control your diabetes. The ADA or American diabetes association is also an excellent resource

Diabetes is a progressive disease and once you have it is not going away. There is no cure for diabetes. There is a condition called diabetes ketoacidosis or DKA which occurs when blood sugars get high and the body can’t produce enough insulin. This causes serious condition and requires hospitalization. Insulin is produced by the pancreas however in diabetics it either has stopped producing insulin or is not producing enough.



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