Browns name Kizer as starter

The Cleveland Browns have named rookie Quarterback Deshon Kizer as the starter for this weekend’s preseason game. It is presumed he will be the starter on opening day. Brock Osweiller was the Starter going in to training camp, however Kizer has shinned during preseason and has risen quickly up the depth chart.

There is no question Kizer is the quarterback of the future for the Brown’s. He is big, has great mobility, smart, with an extremely strong arm. That said he is a rookie and makes rookie mistakes. He has a tendency to hold on to the ball to long taking a sack. He also has to learn how to avoid taking big hits by going down much sooner than he does now.

Considering how awful the browns were last year it’s a mistake to throw a possible franchise player into the mix so soon. The Browns have a brutal schedule and don’t figure to win more than a handful of games this year. They have improved especially in their offensive line. They are still along way from being competitive.

I have touted Kizer as a potential star but it would behoove the Browns to sit Kizer at the beginning of the season and start Osweiller and let him watch and learn at least for a half dozen games. Why ruin a potential star by throwing him to the lions and hurting his self confidence right out of the gate. This is the Cleveland Browns however. If he does start the season he would be the Browns 27th starting Quarterback since 1999.


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