Cat 3 Harvey barreling down on Corpus

Hurricane Harvey is on a direct collision course it appears with Corpus Christie,Tx. It has been upgraded to a category 3 Hurricane with sustained winds of 125 mph. In addition to the damage from wind forecasters are concerned about Storm surge. Storm surge is predicted to be 5 to 12 feet.


After Harvey makes landfall it’s expected to stall and dump as much as 25 inches of rain in a large swath of area from Texas to possibly Louisiana. The rain and flooding event may take place over a 2 day period forecasters warn. Coastal areas have been ordered to evacuate but as this storm materialized quickly many people have not heeded the warnings. After leaving the Caribbean Harvey nestled himself in the Gulf and had been downgraded to Tropical depression. As it inched toward Texas it unpredictably reformed gathering strength quickly. It grew from a depression rapidly thus it was not thought of as a threat gaining little attention. Thus demonstrating why mother nature and specifically Hurricanes are so dangerous.


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