What’s wrong with Republican’s

First of all I am thoroughly disgusted with President Trump. Quite honestly I never liked him from the outset. Not there was a candidate I was in love with because there wasn’t. When I voted I voted for the least of the evil’s. which in itself is a sad commentary on America.

Somehow I subscribed to right wing followers I and keep getting links to posts I find appalling. I’m glad though however because it’s broaden my horizon’s and explains why this country is so divided and polarized. Everything they write about is negative. They blame everybody but Donald Trump for the lack of accomplishment’s of this president. The blame Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel. I am far from an expert on politics but I don’t think you have to be much more than a third grader to see the discord in the Whitehorse. I don’t think you have to be much more that a decent human being to see that the President is not.

What’s equally as troubling to me is that almost 80% of Republicans think he is doing a good job. WHAT! What planet are they living on. This president is unprecedentedly unproductive and divisive.

Now Trump is threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get the funding for “the wall”. WHAT! How asinine is that? Who gives a bleep about a wall. I care about North Korea, Afghanistan, which was already another Vietnam and Trump made it worse committing more troops with absolutely no exit strategy.

I care about Health care, Jobs, tax reform. I frightened by how much this president is directing this country to protectionism. First wanting to abandon NAFTA and attempting to decrease the amount of legal immigrants allowed in this country. A country that has nothing but immigrants including you and I. I am frightened on his display towards civil rights on his bigotry towards Transgender people, African Americans and any minority. Right now I would have voted for Mitch Romney and I didn’t last time.


3 Replies to “What’s wrong with Republican’s”

  1. Pick any direction. There’s a border there. Cross it, leave America, and don’t come back since you obviously both don’t belong here and are a cancer within her body.


    1. Thank you for your reply and comment. You actually validate my point with your response. We become so polarized that opinions like mine elicit responses of hatred instead of eliciting a civil discourse. What makes this country so great as that we don’t have to agree on issues but we can discuss them civilly than agree to disagree if necessary. Your response just solidifies my point that the country continues to be more polarized and Trump has exasperated polarization exponentially


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