Browns Kizer the real deal

Hue Jackson said last week after he named Deshon Kizer the starting Quarterback for the third preseason game as the Starter for the first regular season game.”Unless he has a complete meltdown or is injured he will start the season opener”. The third preseason historically has been the dress rehearsal for the regular season.


Not only did Kizer not have a meltdown he demonstrated why he not only will start the season opener but demonstrates the potential to be a franchise player. Kizer only 20 years old out of Notre Dame University displays a poise and command of a veteran. This is not to say he doesn’t make rookie mistakes and needs to grow and improve. His first half statistics against Tampa Bay were not eye popping but very deceptive. He continually drove the team downfield but was only 6 for 14 for 94 yards and one interception.

DeShone Kizer
Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer (7) rushes in the first half of a preseason game, Monday in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

He was the beneficiary of poor field position for the entire half. In addition he was playing without his two starting receivers including Deshaun Jackson. There were a number of dropped passes as well. Kizer’s mobility and his knack to avoid would-be tacklers adds to his value.

Every time he drops back to pass he gives Browns fans hope as his presence in the pocket is uncanny. Kizer has a strong arm, is accurate, has intangible qualities and allows the team to do different things with his mobility. Kizer moved up the depth chart quickly starting as third string at the start of preseason.


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