Trump Pardons Arpaio

I’ve never been this mad — and I’m asking you to right your congressman and or Senator and condemn Trump for pardoning Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio illegally detained American citizens — just because they were Latino.

He abused them by creating outdoor detention facilities that he bragged were “concentration camps.”


And last night when President Trump pardoned him, Trump told America that this racism is acceptable.

Trump and his alt right followers have gone too far.

He has alienated 65% of the Country by his inexplicable and unprecedented word and in actions and sometimes inaction

We as American citizens should not tolerate this anymore.

We can’t change what they’ve done — but we can make them regret it as citizens of this Country.

That’s why I’m calling on Democrats and Republicans alike to band together and condemn President Trump.

If we all band together and raise our voices, he’ll be forced to listen to our opposition or further alienate himself and cause further unrest in this country than he already has.


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