Diabetes-diet and exercise or suffer

So last night it was just after midnight and I was tired. I checked my blood sugar and it was 161 which is a little high. I took my Lantus (long acting Insulin) usual dose but I decided to take a correction amount of Novolog (rapid acting insulin) to knock down my blood glucose level to 120. I was also eating some cookies so I wasn’t worried about it going to low.


I was trying to keep my eyes open because I wanted to see the results of a boxing match. I laid down as it was a losing battle to stay up. Needless to say I fell a sleep. I woke up at 1:30am and immediately I knew my blood sugar level was to low. My body had tremors running through it. My hands were shaking as I immediately checked my sugar level and it was 40. Way to low it should never go below 70.


I ran downstairs to the kitchen and drank a coke and ate something, shaking and feeling like I’m dying while I’m eating. My sugar level returned to normal (70-130)within about 15 minutes. I didn’t need to check it to know it was normal because within 15 minutes the tremors and shaking disappeared. That’s what’s it like to experience hypoglycemia. That’s what it like to be a diabetic.

Sometimes I can never figure out what my sugar level is. At times I think it’s high and it will be in the 100’s and sometimes I think it is at a controlled level and it’s high (250).

I contracted diabetes 8 years ago I have been wrestling with it since than as I begrudged making the necessary lifestyle changes. My eyesight has gotten worse. I developed Diabetic Neuropathy because I didn’t eat right and didn’t exercise. For 50 years I’ve ate whatever I enjoyed. Which like most people is not always a healthy diet. For me I’ve always had a fast metabolism so I never gave being overweight a thought. Now I was forced to change my diet completely. No more mashed potatoes or coke. No more cake or candy or pasta.

I didn’t take my disease serious and I paid for it dearly. Plus I like to eat and life is short so I’m gonna eat what I want! WRONG!
Well if your a diabetic and you want to live and live without pain than you better change your diet.


For those of you who are diabetic you know exactly what I mean. Especially if you are insulin dependent. That’s my story for this night. Tomorrow I will start the battle all over again.


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