Cavs, Celtics blockbuster trade a done deal

Rumor more fun than icredible

via Dick Vitale: Cavaliers-Celtics trade will happen — ProBasketballTalk

After much a do about nothing the Celtics will get their transformational player in Kyrie Irving and the Cavs will get an injured Isiah Thomas and company plus Boston is throwing in a second round pick to compensate for Thomas’s Injury. Thomas says he is fine and passed the team physical but the recovery process for his injured hip is without a timetable. This much we know he will not start the season opener, and his return is uncertain other than to say he will be ready for the playoffs.


In the end the trade benefits both teams, although Danny Ainge has positioned the Celtics to win for many years accumalating young talent and ammassing a wealth of first round draft picks. This is not to say I’m annoiting them Eastern conference Champs. The Cavaliers paradoxically are in a do or die situation. There all in for 2018, they either win or wait for a longtime without any first round draft picks for 3 years and the liklihood Lebron James will enter free agency at seasons end.

The deal was held up with discovery of the seriousness of Thomas’s Injury which the Cavs said they were unaware of. They were, they had to be. In the end they saved face by acquiring a second round draft pick in 2020.


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