Health is Wealth-Universal Healthcare Now


I have a confession: since the election, instead of meditating first thing in the morning, Ic’ve been obsessing over the news. It’s a terrible habit. I can see the negative effect it has on my bodymind. I need to Just. Say. No. Problem is, this is not mere news voyeurism. This is eye-opening, consciousness-raising, […]

via Why We Need Universal Health Insurance In America — Bipolar For Life

I am proponent of Universal Healthcare in America, and after reading the above mentioned post I couldn’t agree more. The logistics of how it is accomplished is beyond my realm. I only know that every American deserves equal Healthcare. I suffer from Diabetes and now Diabetic Neuropathy. I am also disabled, no fault of mine. The point is I have health care provided by the government. I am entitled to it, I paid into the system for thirty years. I can afford to see Doctors and pay for my medication as a result. To many cannot.

50 million Americans are without insurance. Many of them have Diabetes or Bi Polar not there fault. How can they afford the cost of these diseases. Long acting Insulin costs 1,000 dollars a month. Short acting insuline cost 400 dollars a month. Then there are other diabetic supplies let’s say they cost 200 dollars a month. Who could afford that. The current administration has no intention of covering the underprivledged or even the middle class who do have insurance but with many limitations.

People who are healthy contribute to the economy. Accordingly the economy grows and more jobs are created. There are so many ways to structure health care for all. Wealthy Politicians, Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies don’t want that. It hurts there bottom lines. It’s time America wakes up and join the rest of the industialized world


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