The Three C’s of lending Mr. Trump

We knew Trump was a racist, a bully and narcissist going into the election but he convinced 15 to 20 percent of Undecided’s to sway their votes in his favor and thus he won. Now after he has demonstrated he is not fit to be president. Let me tell you a story, it’s a little long winded but it ties in.


I started working in commercial finance almost 30 years ago. All my loans and our credit lines were strictly unsecured. Granted we had Short terms like Net 60 so our exposure was not that long. Nevertheless we had outstanding accounts receivable at any given time of 4 million dollars all unsecured, no signature no nothing, so we had to do our due diligence to the maximum as we couldn’t afford write off’s. All that is well and good.

image lending

When I first started two things I learned from old timers was “don’t believe them, don’t trust them, just go by the facts” also I was taught the three C’s of lending. Characterr, Capacity, and Capital. Without a long explanation Character is the most important quality. The honesty, integrity of the owner or owners was paramount

My father owned his own business for thirty years. He owned a credit reporting agency in New York city. Summarizing my father is a man of honesty and integrity. The business started with 2 people in 200 square foot office. Eventually he employed 40 people and enjoyed much success. He also had an office in the South in which he entrusted someone to run the office and responsible for soliciting new business and structuring the contracts. He also had to renew the contracts each year around August.

I’m getting to my point and I’m going to pull Trump back into this. A substantial amount income was derived out of the south and when August came around the contracts were not renewed. The manager of that office said he was setting up appointments and would have the contracts renewed shortly. He also stated he had verbal commitments. So my Dad continued to finance the South. Thus putting him in a working capital strain. Nov 1st came and contracts weren’t renewed in fact the entire office was not there they moved to another office and took all the clients and contracts with them.

The manager never contacted my Dad, and virtually pulled the wool over my Dad’s eye’s making himself look trustworthy saying all the right things, meanwhile he had a plan to use my Dad’s reputation in the Industry which was second to none. When the time was right he was going to work with the clients and set up a scheme to steal half the business

This was a shocking development and put my Dad in a predicament. He delayed paying taxes and borrowed money so that all employees got paid. Now he had substantial debt and 50% of the income. Most people would have filed bankruptcy. Not my Dad. He structured deals with the IRS over 15 years and was personally responsible as part of the deal. He never let any employees go. He always made sure all employees got paid. The company could not survive, my Dad’s business was stolen from underneath him and all the blood sweat and tears he put in to building it was now gone. All because he was manipulated by someone he trusted and got screwed. He arranged for new jobs for all. He never filed bankruptcy secured a new job and paid off the IRS and all other creditors.


Now flashback to Mr. Trump born in to wealth. Since then has amassed incredible amount of income and equity. Let me tell you a quick story, once Mr. Trump came to our office to do business. In short we told Mr. Trump we were not interested. We though he was a liar, a cheat and a bully. We questioned Mr. Trump about his bankruptcies and the failure he had with a casino he owned in Nevada. That business eventually filed bankruptcy. He refused to answer our questions. So we told him to get lost we wanted nothing to do with him. He lied, he misrepresented things and he was narcissistic.

It all goes back to the three C’s, and this man has no character. Compare what the VP Pence did during Hurricane Harvey, he rolled up his sleeves and got busy doing gods work. He got involved with the people. He obviously cared. Trump sat in a comfortable office in Austin and played Celebrity apprentice at least that’s what it appeared to me. Then he left and went back to D.C without showing any emotions for what Texans were going through. This man is not my Dad, this man has no character, and if you don’t have character you shouldn’t run a company, nonetheless a country. God Bless America!


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