Indians hottest team in A.L.-Peaking

The Cleveland Indians are the hottest team in baseball. I don’t even know there exact stats except as to say over the last month have won alot of games and have lost only a few

There batting average as a team over the last month is something outrageous like 325 and they lead the league in RBI’s runs scored, hits, extra base hits, and the beat goes on. On top of that they are getting great pitching. They have 4 more complete games than the rest of the American League.

Everyone I talk to or talks to me unsolicited says ” the Cleveland Indians” the best team. Screw you!!!!The Cleveland Indians have not one since 1949. That is 68 years ago. So a scant few have seen them win and I mean a scant. That person who is 68 was 16 last time they won. Imagine that. Imagine being a teenager in the middle of high school and your team has just won the world series. For 5 months you get to ride the high of your team being world champs, meanwhile you are still 16. Than the next season starts and they don’t win the series but you can live with it because they just won the year before. You can justify it. Than the next season they loose and the next and next and next, next,next and before you know it you graduated High School maybe coellege as well met a nice girl got married had a kid and you realize years have gone by and they haven’t one.

Now your sixty eight and your whole lifetime has passed by and all you have is that moment when you had acne and the team won. It’s so long ago it’s hard to fatham

So when you say they are best in the American League know what you are talking about. They are on the biggest winning streak than any other team. They are playing phenominal ball. That’s it.

In fact they have possibly peaked to soon. Find a team that peaks two weeks before the end of the season and that’s my team. Don’t get me wrong I would argue with you that the Indians are the best in the American league and finally clicked a switch after a modest first half.

Although they have had guys step up especially in the starting rotation that weren’t that good prior to this year, Cleminger comes to mind. So while I think the Indians are as good as anyone including the National League I do. The playoffs are a different animal though. Weather gets cold, harder on pitchers, much harder on hitters never can tell what’s gonnal happen. Watch out for the Diamond backs just got hot just in time. I’ll ride with them with long odds


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