A tale of two countries USA vs USA


Look at the above picture. That’s our Grandparents arriving in this country, with aspirations of the American Dream. Most of them escaped some kind of ethnic cleansing from winch they came.

When I look at that picture I should feel good, but I don’t. I should feel happy but I don’t. I have the actual records from 1909 when my grandfather came to this country from Eastern Europe over one hundred years ago. He didn’t speak English and he didn’t have any Technological skill. He landed in this country came through as so many have – Ellis Island and while he died when I was very young, I am certain he didn’t speak a lick of English. He certainly didn’t go to college. (I’m referring to Trumps speech) He raised two daughters and one son. All of them went on to have better lives and become productive law abiding citizens of the US of A. I tell what he did do though, everything at anytime to put food on the table, and money in the bank to fund schooling once they graduated high school. How he managed to accomplish this as a painter an immigrant painter is beyond my comprehension. He did though however.

One of his siblings is my Dad. My Dad is in his eighties and in his adult life worked in Corporate America. He eventually started a business and for over thirty years employed about 100 people this with a only a high school education and some college. His accomplishments are many but mostly he provided for his family, so they not only sustained life but flourished. This is the America I know and Love. This is the America that me proud to be an American. This is the America our forefathers envisioned. Now it’s to being torn to shreds.

I’m not so proud anymore. Not so proud after what I saw in Charlottesville, and the hatred and division that has torn into the fabric of this country. This all could have been avoided he we had a president’s like all before him and spoke to the nation and gave a speech that united the country, that evoked good not evil, that comforted us that all would be alright but we must do more we must love our neighbors. We must strive for greatness and ignore failure and persevere to make a difference in this world. We most do something about Mental Health. We must do something about ignorance and we can and we will. This would have made me feel good. Instead we got the opposite. We got someone who found “very fine people” in that crowd that day. We got a president who is eliminating immigration, and in such a divisive way he exudes hatred. Someone building walls around this country whether physical or virtual. I don’t feel very good anymore!
Look at this picture below and you get a far different story. A story of fear. A story of despair not hope. A story of sadness not joy. Whether it’s DACA, or NAFtA, or elimination of Transgender people from the Military. Whether it’s racial divide or anti-Semitic rhetoric to blame. One man is blame and proud to say I did not vote for him. But first take a look at this picture.


Think of all the lives lost, all the blood sweat and tears to get to this point in history. Where we are a melting pot living among the many different cultures in harmony. Now look at above picture. This is America today, contrast these immigrants against those of 100 hundred years ago. There is no glee, only fear. There is no hope only desperation. Thanks Mr. Trump. Go back to fuckin New York and stay there. Make as much money as you like. Insult whomever you want, just get the fuck out of the White house along with your neo nazi friends. For those who care I am a baby boomer who is white and from New York and mostly an American.


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