USA vs USA version 2

Leader Pelosi emailed.


But I had to reach out too — because President Trump’s actions yesterday were a


His decision to eliminate DACA is devastating — and shows how heartless he and his Republicans really are.

They’re ripping apart families. They’re hurting children and teenagers who know no other home than America.

And we simply cannot let them get away with it.

Hundreds of thousands of our young people who love this country are paying the price for President Trump’s political posturing and vendetta against President Obama’s legacy.

Well, he underestimated us civil Americans both Republican and Democrat, because we aren’t going down without a fight.

We need a huge wave of support to force him to protect DACA.

President Trump seems to be in his own world, as he does what he wants regardless of Congress or the Senate think.

He acts Unilaterally and accordingly he is putting millions of children on the streets. This is all a result of the Dreamers program known as DACA
This is wrong


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