Kantor my hero

Turkey prosecutors want to give Kanter four years in jail for criticizing the country’s president. via Enes Kanter says best response to Turkish president is to win, play on bigger stages — ProBasketballTalk



Republicans made two central promises. First that the bill would simplify the U.S. tax code. The second, it would primarily benefit working class Americans and the middle class. The first proved false. There are nearly every large tax break in place. It's put's in place as many preferences as it get's rid of. It's enough …

The Most Polarizing Man in America

Politics has never been my strong suit. Generally I don't engage in writing about same however I'm compelled to write about President Trump. I've never been so disinterested in reading and watching Political stories involving the President as they have become so polarizing, so depressing, so frustrating I've been completely turned off. During my lifetime …