The Most Polarizing Man in America

Politics has never been my strong suit. Generally I don’t engage in writing about same however I’m compelled to write about President Trump. I’ve never been so disinterested in reading and watching Political stories involving the President as they have become so polarizing, so depressing, so frustrating I’ve been completely turned off.


During my lifetime we’ve had presidents that I disagreed with nevertheless as an American I respected them as my President and leader of the greatest country of the world. I can’t say that today.  Whether I agreed or disagreed with a particular view I followed closely as I believed it had an affect on my life and moreover the country. I’ve always been proud to be an American and put my faith behind our leader. I had faith that the countries needs were being attended to in it’s best interest. I don’t feel that way anymore.

Regardless of my political stance I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump. He’s always been a liar, a cheater and a man of low character. Being born and raised in New York City and working in commercial finance I learned second and first hand of Donald Trump. I never liked him and found him to be arrogant, narcissistic, and a untrustworthy individual. Merely out for himself. He stuck his nose in repeatedly where it never belonged. Now that he’s the leader of the free world nothing has changed.

It was all about getting airtime. It was all about being on TV having his opinions heard. Now that he’s President that has never been more true. To Donald Trump, the presidency is all one big reality show. Most times what he says or does is not even relevant. What’s relevant to him is how much airtime he can get whether it be through the media, (#fakenews), Twitter or some other medium. It’s not about the country anymore it’s about who he is going to offend today. One big reality show.


The headlines of the day are not about the economy, global warming, healthcare or some other topic germane to the well being of the country. The headlines today are still about possible collusion with Russia over interference during the Presidential election, Sexual harassment, Racism, isolating the country from the rest of the free world. Constantly dividing not uniting not only the country but his own party. He’s offended every ethnic background, every race, every gender, every country and even his own political party. What I’m witnessing is beyond my comprehension.  It’s appalling, it’s disgusting, if ever there was a president that should be impeached in the best interest of America it’s Mr. Trump.

What happened during Watergate, and later Bill Clinton  and the Monica Lewinsky side show is child’s play compared to the danger Mr. Trump is directing the country. He has threatened our National Security both domestically and abroad. He has polarized the country like never before in modern times.

He’s exposed the racism that is still alive and well in this country, and is actually perpetuating it instead of Uniting. He backed a man that was kicked off the Judicial bench several times, is clearly a racist, and possibly a sexual predator, just so the Republicans can keep the majority in Congress or the Senate. That is despicable.

It’s really nothing new. As a native New Yorker we’ve known about this man’s character long before he was politically involved. We’ve known his narcissistic ways, his offensive and off the wall comments for sometime. It’s just now he’s in the news daily and as President his words and actions are affecting my life and my country negatively. Personally I’m sick and tired of it.

So I’m just going shut him out and pray he does nothing drastic and this nightmare ends in 2020. God Bless America


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