Donald Trump uninvited Eagles to Whitehouse is just one more embarrassment

The Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl Champions. It’s is customary for the President of the United States be it Republican or Democrat to host the Champions of the four major sports and some at the White house. It’s as American as Apple Pie.


Donald Trump treats the White house as if he owns it like one of his many other properties. If you don’t do as he wants you are not in his circle, and you are not loyal to him and therefore you are not invited to my Property. The underlining issue is the ongoing campaign by some NFL Players to not stand and salute the flag during the National Anthem.

There message is not disrespect for the flag, military or country, it’s simply to express there view of social injustice. The NFL recently amended the rules when it comes to appropriate behavior of the playing of the National Anthem mandating players who come out to the field act appropriately during the Anthem, but allowed players the option not to participate if they desire by staying in the locker room.


I am an American through and through there have been times when I haven’t stood for the flag while attending a game during the Anthem put I would die for this country and am as Patriotic as anyone. The Philadelphia Eagles were planning to attend the White House albeit not the whole team were going to attend, and I don’t care if it’s the third string Wide Receiver, if the Eagles fans of which I am not are anything like the New York Giant fans they would have turned out in earnest with exuberance to celebrate their World Champion Eagles. The excuse the President gave is that somehow some of the Players not attending would somehow dilute the experience is pure BS.

If you don’t adhere to Donald Trumps version of Patriotism by standing and saluting the flag and honoring our country and those who died for our freedoms, and the military then somehow you are unpatriotic. No Mr. President quite the Contreras. Did not the military fight to give us the freedoms to express ourselves, to air are own views, to have dialogue among the 300+ million Americans. We are a country of all kinds, we are a melting pot with varying views on a multitude of topics. This is what makes America great.

We can have civil discourse to express views and agree or agree to disagree. Donald Trump doesn’t subscribe to that value, and if you disrespect him in his view than your Fucked. Trump doesn’t own the White House -we the people do, he is just a guest! He may have an opinion on issues but he doesn’t run the NFL, NBA, MLB, or the NHL. He is having a difficult time doing the job he was elected to do. Please concentrate Mr. President on the job at hand and not run the country like we are pawns, cow towing to your views and if we don’t than you somehow have the power to discard us like somehow lesser than you if we don’t see things your way. It’s behavior of a teenager, it’s politically motivated, it’s in no way in the best interest of the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and goes against the freedom of speech we are so fortunate to have in this country. God Bless America and please stop embarrassing us if not for yourself for the country Mr. Donald Trump. Fly Eagles Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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