And the Trumpeat Goes On….Analysis

The move by the Trump administration on Saturday July 7, 2018, to undercut the affordable care act, which Congress was unable to do and Trump is attempting to do through executive orders is just another in a never ending series of moves, actions, by this Man that seem surreal. That have numbed me and much of the country, to the point in order to cope we have tuned out this man.

The announcement says that “ruling prevents CMS from making further collections or payments under the risk adjustment program.” CMS Administrator Seema Verma said in a statement: “As a result of this litigation, billions of dollars in risk adjustment payments and collections are now on hold.”

Two major insurers’ trade groups immediately decried the move.


“Risk adjustment is a mandatory program under federal law,” said Scott Serota, president of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. “Without a quick resolution . . . this action will significantly increase 2019 premiums for millions of individuals and small business owners. . . . It will undermine Americans’ access to affordable coverage, particularly for those who need medical care the most.”

Matt Eyles, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, noted in a statement that the timing of this latest move could be particularly disruptive, because this is the season during which insurers around the country decide whether to take part in ACA marketplaces for 2019 and, if so, what rates to charge. “This decision . . . will create more market uncertainty and increase premiums for many health plans,” Eyles said.

What he has done and said has had such a negative consequences both domestically and abroad is beyond comprehension. For anyone who even half heatedly follows the news you are keenly aware of the unprecedented words and actions of this president.

To me one of the saddest things is the support among some the American people (mostly white) have given him. He has prayed on the uneducated, on the White Americans with a High school diploma or less on the elderly, whose number one priority is to roll back this country to 1950. To make it “White again”, to be less global, to form almost a protectionism state. To enable the wealthy to get wealthier and the poor get poorer. He has polarized this country like it has never been before. He has alienated and categorized people by the socio economic status, by there race, sexual preference and so on..

As a New Yorker, who can look out the door and see the words ” Bring us your tired, your poor….it saddens me the president’s agenda defy’s the beliefs this country is founded on.


For those who say he is doing a good job, the market is good, unemployment is low, the economy is good. While true, further drilling into those numbers which have been documented by many economists and journalists shows those are only surface figures and doesn’t adequately depict what is happening to ordinary people. Also, what momentum the economy has had, will be short lived as policy’s to add tariffs on other country’s doing business with us will have a huge negative impact, the boost from the tax plan will dissipate as average Americans realize that only the rich and corporate giants have extended relief.


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