Ball of Confusion

In 1969 the above title was a controversial song by the Temptations, it portrayed all the unrest in this country during many movements germane to that time period. There was the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, Woodstock, college kids protesting a myriad of issues taking to college campuses nationwide to express their discontent with the direction of the country. It was wild, but in retrospect what seemed like chaos changed the country and for the better.


Woman were empowered to take to the workforce and spread their wings outside of the households, the foundation for equal rights among people of color were laid. The Vietnam war ended. A presidential regime exposed of corruption beyond anything seen in this country before came to an end.

A similar thing is happening again in this country, the difference being the people are not at the root of the change. The difference now is progress is not being forged. Foundations are not being laid to unite this country and make it the most powerful and admired worldwide leader. Forging change in a progressive mind set. Galvanizing the rest of the world in the quest for democracy and peace. Self appointed as the World’s Policeman against oppression and wrongdoing.


It’s impossible to adequately express the distress this president has caused domestically and globally. It may be to harsh, but he’s the closest thing to Hitler since his fall. Everyday this president insults either through words or actions. He has totally dismantled the Republican party as the leader of the House and Senate majority leader are muted of any governing powers, the autonomous Law enforcement agencies, to include the F.B.I. and Dept of Justice have been hijacked by this president. There is a new normal and I don’t like it. It’s chaos.

Growing up in NYC it was the norm for teenage boys to cut up on anyone who crossed your path. It was normal for teenage boys to bully one another hurling expletives at each other.


It was not and never has been normal for the president of the United States to act in such a way. However this is the new normal. Donald Trump acts likes he’s hanging out on the corner with his crew as he hurls derogatory comments about anyone and everyone from people of color, to fellow lawmakers, to immigrants, to woman, to leaders of foreign countries. This is insane. While it’s a stretch to classify him as someone as despicable as Hitler he carries some of the same traits. If your not loyal to him, he’ll hang you out to dry, he’s dangerously narcissistic and borderline personality disorder

I don’t think I can adequately frame my argument that he is the most dangerous man on earth today. I’m glad I can’t articulate that argument because if I could I think I would win the argument. Damn that is wicked scary



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