The Electoral College System Must Go

In every other election the popular vote determines the winner except for presidency. Although George Bush won the popular vote in 2004,  as the last Republican to win the popular vote, he lost it in 2000 but still won the presidency. The last Republican to win the popular vote without a loss of the popular vote was Ronald Reagan in 1984.


There are many theories as to the origin of the electoral college which was put in place by the founding fathers.  The founding fathers actually didn’t trust democracy, “some say” and were afraid of factions forming to dominate the popular vote and swaying the election in favor of the dominating group with a specific political interest. That certainly does not exist today.


Another theory or reason was the imbalance of the population, between states with big population cities and states that were majority rural. Population of smaller states has grown exponentially and the country has become a true melting pot. That reason is not valid today. Certainly the issues that existed than don’t exist now some 200 years later.

Lastly our founding fathers were afraid that in states in remote areas, they would be unable to get the adequate amount of information to make an informed decision, well that certainly doesn’t exist today and hasn’t for sometime especially with the advent of the internet, information is available to everyone and sometimes to much.

Certainly it doesn’t make sense that if a candidate loses a particular state with 5 million people voting by 25,000 votes that he/she should lose all of the electoral college. All but two states award all of the electoral college to the popular vote winner regardless of the margin of victory.

It seems logical with the migration of the population from states with large urban areas spread across the country, there is no need for an electoral college. The largest states no longer exist in the Northeast or the West Coast. Two of the three largest states are in the South. Texas and Florida. The population of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Texas are states with the highest growth rates, to include minorities.



It seems to logical that winning the popular vote represents the most accurate sentiment of the country at large and therefore should be the system by which determining the United States Presidential election is the standard. It’s time to change with the times and abolishing and antiquated system which has become unjust is NOW!!!


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