You Don’t Know What You Have until You Don’t Have it Anymore!

Not a day goes by when Donald Trump says or does something that goes against all norms. If you think you have heard it just wait another day. Today after a candidate he backed uses a racial slur against candidate of color and he says he's a very fine man! That he had not heard …


It’s Still We The People

As much frustration I feel with President Trump, or 45 as some refer to him, it is still We the people. It's still we the people who run this country. There is no time like the present to get up and out and speak our voices

What one man has done to undo all that’s good about the United States of America

I watched a movie tonight on Showtime and when it was over I felt good. It was an inspirational story that made me feel proud to be an American. The movie was titled "Marshall". It was a story set in 1930's about a young black lawyer (along with his co-counsel) a Jewish lawyer who defended …