What one man has done to undo all that’s good about the United States of America

I watched a movie tonight on Showtime and when it was over I felt good. It was an inspirational story that made me feel proud to be an American. The movie was titled “Marshall”. It was a story set in 1930’s about a young black lawyer (along with his co-counsel) a Jewish lawyer who defended a young black man accused of raping a white prominent married woman in Greenwich, Ct. As the story plays out the man was found not guilty but not before the defense had to overcome enormous prejudice.  It was the story of how a young black lawyer fought for civil rights and equality that didn’t exist at the time.


An insight as to what this man was up against in the early 1900’s and what he sought out to accomplish and did eventually accomplish becoming the first African American to be appointed to the Supreme court in 1967.

It was a story about the two of the most despised groups of people in this country up until 9/11 and what the enormous obstacles they endured to bring equality and equal rights to all as we take for granted today. Sadly we are learning that this bigotry and hatred of people of color and people who are not white is still is alive and well in this country today.

President Donald Trump has opened the floodgates to 25 to 35 percent of this country that still believe things should be like they were all those years ago. He has taken a minority of the countries population voices and managed elevate their voices to drown out the majority by his rhetoric, his actions and his words.


His denigrating words and actions to people of color, to immigrants, to our allies, to his strange and unexplained alliance to a KGB Agent and communist run country. I have run out of superlatives to convey his words and actions and everyday the beat goes on.

This President is unlike any other president this country has seen at least in my lifetime and I go back to JFK. His interference in issues that are known of his business is befuddling, the most egregious is the NFL Players stance against injustice that plagues this country. Regardless of your stance on the issue. The NFL is a business like any business in this country. It has owners, employees, a Union a commissioner and is governed by the businesses policies and the laws of the United States of America. Not one owner, employee has broken any laws in this issue and as such the president of the United States has no business interfering.


That issue aside this president whether through action, inaction or through offensive words, rhetoric, propaganda, antagonism has ignited a rebirth of divisiveness and polarization the late great Thurgood Marshall fought to abolish. How long is going to be before the majority stand up and say we are sick and tired and we are not going to take it anymore.

The time is now. That’s why the upcoming midterm elections are so important if we want to save our Democracy

Do You Feel it is time for a change in the House and or Senate












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