You Don’t Know What You Have until You Don’t Have it Anymore!

Not a day goes by when Donald Trump says or does something that goes against all norms. If you think you have heard it just wait another day. Today after a candidate he backed uses a racial slur against candidate of color and he says he’s a very fine man! That he had not heard of the apparent racial slur, this from a man who lives on twitter and has his hand on the pulse of the media like none other. Furthermore after the Governor of Puerto Rico announces the death toll from Hurricane took nearly 3,000 lives up from 64 originally reported, The number is just shy of the number of people lost in the terrorist attack of 9/11. Trump says “I think we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico”. What are you High?

When asked if he was concerned about Don McGan the White House Counsel who is resigning and testified to the Special counsel what McGan might have said, he replied, No, I’m not concerned we play it very straight here. This from a man who lies, embellishes, misleads on a daily basis. This from a man who refused to allow the flags fly at half staff at the White House following the death of Senator John McCain. All over a personal grudge. Don’t agree with him and he holds a personal grudge. Is he the President or a Mob Boss?

I cannot think of another president outside of Richard Nixon I would not want in the office right now regardless of Party just to bring some normalcy back to the Country. Never would I have ever dreamed of saying that.



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