Money Talks and ……………… Walks

It is so hard to get a politically unbiased account of this situation. After reviewing popular publications and articles from both sides of the argument, I can confidently say things are not looking good for Mrs. Ford. If all the articles from the media are intended to bolster her argument or cast doubt on the evidence that has been submitted against her, they do a very poor job of doing so. The reality of the situation is without corroboration or support from anyone, there is no case here. Mrs. Ford’s supporters point to Kavanaugh’s tendency in college to drink and party at times, but literally, what people with a robust social circle in college did not from time to time? The biggest problem here is that nobody is going to win. Either way people on the right are going to claim democrats are conducting a political smear job, while people on the left will decry dismissal of the accusations as a “perpetuation of the patriarchal machine”. The worst is hearing from people who simply see headlines, refuse to do any investigation on their own and wholesale subscribe to either one of the sides of the argument to support their political ideologies.

This entire proceeding is a farce, a sick joke being perpetrated on the American people. The Republican Party and all its enablers bring nothing but shame on themselves.

The standard jury instruction in my jurisdiction, is that the victim’s words alone are enough evidence for a fact finder to find that the crime occurred and that the defendant committed the crime.  Defendant denials that an offense occurred do not bear on whether to bring charges.  What does enter into the equation is the witness’ credibility, reliability as a person who will appear in court, and the nature of the crime alleged.  The facts here alleged probably would not have lead to charges at the time.

However, Kavanaugh’s current ludicrous denials and obvious demeanor and lies on the witness stand render him not a credible witness and not possessing the appropriate judicial temperament.  He created these issues.

This is an instant replay of Judge Thomas’s confirmation twenty seven years ago. We have not progressed any from disgracing Anita Hill. The outcome was predetermined, the proceedings were just a sham. Money and power the great persuader.

Either way Ford and Kavanaugh lose credibility in the eyes of the public, nothing actually gets proven, and people become even more divided on the social component of politics. Just great.





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