Virginia Governor sadly admits to authenticity of College Yearbook Photo.


I have trouble with this one, my first instinct says this man needs to resign! However looking at his body of work as a Senator and Governor they don’t seem to match the despicable depiction in his college yearbook picture which depicts Northam alongside pictures of “blackface” and a KKK picture. At this point it is undetermined if Northam was the image of blackface or the KKK member or both or neither. Nevertheless while some will excuse the pictures as “frat boy” pranks of a college student, I don’t. I’ve been to college and common sense, common decency screams you don’t do this unless you believe this!

1984 Yearbook Picture

What I can’t reconcile is how this picture never surfaced sooner! How this man climbed the political ladder to Senator and governor without this picture ever being exposed?

Nevertheless Governor Richard Northam (D) of Virginia has some explaining to do and in granular detail and regardless of his response this can never be forgotten. That said, there are members in all facets of government who are racist, bigots, anti-Semites, they are silent enemies and most everyone knows who they are, and somehow they are tolerated. Most can be exposed by there views and there voting record.

Virginia Governor Richard Northam (D)

Mr. Northam is just the opposite there is absolutely nothing in his resume since beginning his political career to suggest any bias. While conservative, some of his works suggest a more progressive stance.

Governor Northam a Doctor of Medicine

Hypocrisy runs wild here, of course most are calling for Mr. Northam to resign, mostly because it is the politically correct thing to do. Both parties Democrat and Republican have called for his resignation including every Democrat to date with Presidential aspirations.

Lastly we live in a time when are leader and commander and chief has demonstrated racist ideals, slanders everyone and everything and seems to be immune for any wrongdoing of this type of action and behavior.

There seems to be at the root of it all way to much hypocrisy, way to much politics, way to much of missing the big picture.

If chopping Mr. Northams head off for this behavior some 30 years ago, a college student, not a 59 year old man with not much of a blemish on his resume is the right thing to do, then there should be others who have to fall as well if we are serious about this issue, not just as a political ping pong.


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