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The old man couldn't sleep his diabetic nephropathy had his ankles screaming in pain, nothing he couldn't handle, just an annoyance he'd gotten accustomed to. Accordingly he hobbled out of the bedroom into the living room and found his favorite reclining chair and shortly thereafter his favorite little guy, his Chihuahua joined him and they... Continue Reading →


Americans prove one can divide but only many can conquer

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I have been all over this land of ours, and it’s amazing. From rural communities to sprawling suburbia and of course large megalopolis and metropolitan cities. This country is truly amazing. What makes it so amazing is the diversity that makes up our country and pervades the inner cities and most parts of the country and what sets America a part from the rest of the world.

Forget whether your a Republican or a Democrat. People know, a good person from a not so good person. A honest person from a liar, a morally sound person from one that is morally bankrupt. A womanizer from a faithful husband. A smart ass from a diplomatic speaker. Donald Trump exudes all those negative characteristics. Americans are sick and tired and are not going to take it anymore.

On a recent outing to celebrate St. Patrick’s day weekend I spent time with with…

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