Americans prove one can divide but only many can conquer

I have been all over this land of ours, and it’s amazing. From rural communities to sprawling suburbia and of course large megalopolis and metropolitan cities. This country is truly amazing. What makes it so amazing is the diversity that makes up our country and pervades the inner cities and most parts of the country and what sets America a part from the rest of the world.

Forget whether your a Republican or a Democrat. People know, a good person from a not so good person. A honest person from a liar, a morally sound person from one that is morally bankrupt. A womanizer from a faithful husband. A smart ass from a diplomatic speaker. Donald Trump exudes all those negative characteristics. Americans are sick and tired and are not going to take it anymore.

On a recent outing to celebrate St. Patrick’s day weekend I spent time with with a diverse group of people, in a typically RED state. It was during my many conversations I discovered as much as this president has polarized the country and divided many of us. Civil discourse still exists in this country.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that regardless of the differences among democrats and republicans regarding policy, most all Americans want civility. Most all Americans will not tolerate alienating people You may try but you can’t take away the core beliefs of people, that all persons are created equal and treating people with such ugliness is not in our DNA…I’m sorry but enough is enough echo’s the message from America’s heartland. God bless America and all it’s diverse people, from the Irish to the Jews to Italians and Scottish and Hispanic, African American, German, to women to sexual orientation, and so many more…..
Learning that made this Saint Patricks day special!!!!


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