March Madness an American tradition like none another

There are 68 teams that believe they can win the tournament. As an Alumni of a school participating in the tournament. It’s only human nature to believe you have a chance to be world champs regardless if objectively without bias you know the odds of winning are against you. Nevertheless, the kids participating , the alumni, the community have internal optimism. there team will win.

It is such a wonderful time of the year. Everyone knows about March madness, sports fans and non sports fans, it has become part of the American fabric. So from March 19 to April 8 18 to 22 year olds are going to entertain the country, imagine when you were 18 could you imagine being center stage in front of the whole country. That’s a lot of pressure for a teenager. How do you think you would handle it?

Yet we will be glued to the television expecting each player on every team to perform at the highest level. We expect only the highest level of play. Is that a fair expectation?

The NCAA and the Universities are going to be the beneficiaries of a substantial monetary windfall. The righteous body known as the NCAA, still insists these kids are “student athletes. Not acknowledging that it is virtually impossible for these kids to be fully dedicated to school, and also put in the work to be world class athletes who entertain the country annually. While these CHILDREN are in school on a free ride which doesn’t go unnoticed by the writer, yet they still should be compensated in some fashion, maybe not with a salary, but in some other fashion maybe a stipend of some sort. What’s right is right, but the NCAA is a hypocritical business institution. Do they really have theses kids best interest at heart, or are they just a greedy business institution not willing to share staggering profits to the people who contributed significantly in facilitating the revenue the body garners. Regardless that the kids are getting a free ride to go to school, if you were the reason someone else was profiting off your hard work and god given talent, would you not feel it’s unfair you don’t get to eat any of the pie!!!!!!



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