How one raised black fist, helped one white drooping head

Back in 1968 at the Summer Olympics, the United States in the 100 meter dash captured the Gold medal, as well as the bronze, with John Carlos blowing away the rest of the world. That was remarkable but to be expected. What was to follow was more remarkable and not only unexpected but shocking. Led by John Carlos, these Americans took to the stand to receive their metals, and stand at the medal ceremony in Mexico City for the National Anthem of the United States of America. I am white and at the time barely 10, albeit even than an avid sports fan. Even ran track, and was pretty fast “for a white guy”

As the Star spangled banner proceeded this is what took Place.

As a symbol of black power and the civil rights movement they raised there fists draped in black gloves to the sky in protest of inequality in America. Don”t begin to tell me there wasn’t inequality, just as it still exists today albeit to a lesser degree. While I’m certain no less than 75% of White America was saying at least to themselves those “uppity Niggers”. I was full of pride and marveled in there moxie. This is not a story of racial inequality to me, today, over 50 years later it’s a story in bravery, a story in standing up for whats right. A story in standing and believing in yourself and your purpose.

Many of us and I’m one of them go through our life trying to win approval or affirmation from peers, co workers, friends and family. Why????, Why do we have this insatiable need to be liked, to know we belong? Can’t answer that not a Doctor/What I do know is that I owe these men a debt of gratitude. Why, because it furthered the civil rights movement…..NO!!!! Because all these years later I get it. I finally get it.I finally understand, no need to please anyone else, just please yourself and screw the rest of the world if they don’t get it.

After spending a lifetime trying to please everyone I finally realize if you please your self and do what you think is right without any regard if anyone likes, you will live a happy life. After all isn’t that what it is all about.

Those men were vilified, faced death threats for their actions, in this country. However, in retrospect it was such a powerful and moving event that carried there movement forward and made the country face the moment in moving this country forward.

This is an extraordinary example, but face your fears head on. You came into this world on your own, and you will leave on your own. I am guilty as anyone for not doing so, and it has cost me dearly. Nothing absolutely nothing causes change more than the determination of man, and the conquest of right versus wrong. Good versus evil.

”'”Oh say can you SEE?, thank god almighty at long last…..YES!!!


I for one want to thank them


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