The Trumpbeat Goes On and On and On………..

Just when you think you heard and seen it all, President Donald Trump goes one further. It is a never ending nightmare. The president recently released a statement which included in referring to the Sri Lanka bombings that he is empathetic and wishes all the best in recovery efforts, stating he realizes the agony Sri Lanka is going through losing 180 million lives in the aftermath of the tragedy. WHAT!!. Are you kidding me!!.

The actual death toll at last count is 290 people country wide as a result of the terrorist attacks. Are you kidding me Mr, President??? Regardless if your Republican/Democrat or an Independent, as long as you are an American, how can you not cringe in embarrassment? The President of the United States of America is considered the leader of the free world and stating publicly to what he called the” Sri Lanka President” his condolences for millions of deaths when in reality there were hundreds not millions is uncomprehending. You Moron. By the way Sri Lanka doesn’t have a president, they have a prime minister, Mr. President. Just a little fact the leader of the free world should know. Don’t you think?

Changing gears, what makes Donald Trump exempt from releasing his tax returns, when every other major candidate for president and actual president has done so over the last 40 years. What makes dude different. What is he hiding? This man is out touch with reality. He is so incredibly narcissistic and an apparent pathological liar it’s appalling.

It’s all about Donald Trump when it should be all about what’s in the best interest of the citizens of the United States of America. Don’t you think? Firing people in unprecedented numbers, claiming fake news, attacking everyone he disagrees with even claiming the special counsel report is fake or wrong. This is presidential behavior? C’Mon Man. Don’t you see it. Don’t you see he is an embarrassment to this Country. It’s way past my comprehension that some people actually don’t. That some people continue to support him and actually believe he should win re-election.

I thought it was crazy at first, but give Trump credit when he said, “He could walk down fifth avenue and shoot someone and get away with it. WOW!!! This is who you voted for to be the leader of the Country!!! We have advanced so far in all aspects in my lifetime and this moron comes along and sets us back 40 years. YOU DON’T SEE IT, DO YOU?



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