Ball of Confusion

Donald Trump doesn't deserve credit for all of this, but he sure has accelerated it. At such a rate it's painful to read or watch the news. It's embarrassing to be an American. Free trade, Protectionism, Nationalism, Anti-Abortion, Tariffs, Russia, Mass shootings, Hate crimes, Racism, Immigration, Foreign wars, Guns, Polarized culture, Hypocrisy, Disrespect, Lies, Executive... Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Alzheimers and Frontotemporal Dementia

I suffered Traumatic Brain Injury some years back, and are very in touch with my level of cognitive functioning. MRI's, neuro-psych evaluations among other testing indicates I suffer from declining memory, retaining new information. I tell friends I can remember better what happened in 1986 than what happened yesterday. I'm not writing for empathy, as... Continue Reading →

Eight Habits that Increase Stress and Anxiety

Habits which make anxiety worse, have been regular lifestyle options you and I indulge in. These decisions become activities which when frequently replicated, manifest into habits. These unwanted habits create our symptoms of stress worse, which makes it very difficult to handle our own emotions and behavior. Below is a list and explanation of habits... Continue Reading →

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