Blame it on the rain

There are numerous improvements the United States of America needs to focus on. Our Healthcare system is awful. The attention given to science, and global warming. The number of uninsured Americans, the opiate epidemic and so much more.

Donald Trump has been President 2 years and 4 months. Only one major bill has been passed that the president has authored and approved by the Congress and Senate. The tax reform bill. A bill that favors big corporations with the largest corporate tax cut being reduced to 21% from 35%. Low income and middle class Americans do not benefit from this bill….Period. The top earners and fat cats of Corporate America benefit most. Donald Trumps friends. Additionally, Republican values center on fiscal responsibility.

President O’bamas critics point to the ever increasing National debt under his administration. Yet, the National debt under the Trump administration has continue to grow, the tax reform bill being one of it’s biggest contributors. The Republican party seems to accept this without any blow back. They accept the President’s claim he is responsible for the lowest rate of African American unemployment. He is not, nor is the Republican Party. It’s like someone saying “I have a friend that’s black” automatically means they can’t be racist


During the Trump administration we have run out of adjectives to describe his actions. He can alienate and divide the country. He can concentrate on the border and make up stuff like the Southern Border is a National Emergency. He can essentially allow FEMA to disregard Puerto Rico when they were devastated by Hurricane Maria.

He can offend every race religion, people of color. He is a disgrace in the international community. He offends anyone in his way, Gay and Lesbian community, Transgender, Mexicans, has no regard for Human Decency.

He unequivocally is a racist, a narcissist, a cheater, a liar, unfit to be president. Hate crimes in 2018 were up over 1800% regarding antisemitism, including property damage to places of worship.

The Only worthy Democratic candidate is Joe Biden. Biden’s biggest handicap is his age. Republican or Democrat it’s time to get back to core values that America was built in. The new immigration bill Trump will announce this week does not address DACA, and makes migrating to this country even more difficult.

Many of our ancestors and Trump’s as well immigrated here from somewhere else. If he was president back than I might not be here to write this post.

Free trade, Healthcare for all, Farmers and Construction workers need to be considered as much as the top 1%. Trumps imprint goes much further, considering the shift to conservatism of recent appointees to the Supreme Court. Considering Justice Ginsburg is 86 it is imperative his tenure be limited to 4 years, the country may never recover if he would to serve 8.

Democrats need to stop focusing on impeaching or attacking Trump, and develop a plan the America people so badly want.


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