All you Need is Love

Some times in life everything you do turns out wrong. Your intentions were good but good intentions sometimes are the pathway to hell Sometimes life just feels out of control. Sometimes it feels like people or circumstances are controlling your life for you. In those moments, it is important to remember what you CAN control! ... Continue Reading →

The Benzo story, We don’t know what to do because we don’t understand

It had been much too big and too fast and that I went into viscous cycle. My symptoms were as follows: severe agitation/anxiety, intrusive thoughts, nausea, heart palpitations/pounding, nausea/vomiting, intense cold rhythms, a burning feeling in my arms along with an icy feeling in my bones, inner restlessness, shallow breathing, and urinary frequency, and more.... Continue Reading →

An inside look at America’s war on Drugs

At the broadest level, the past half-century taught me that drugs aren’t just drugs, drug dealers aren’t just “pushers,” and drug users aren’t just “junkies” (that is, outcasts of no consequence). Illicit medications are major worldwide commodities that continue to steadily influence US politics, both national and international. And our drug wars create profitable covert... Continue Reading →

Big Pharma and the Opioid epidemic

An historic trial starts today in Oklahoma. It will be the first major test in the nation of whether a state can make a pharmaceutical company pay for the opioid epidemic.  Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter has has already won major settlements from two drug companies: $270 million from Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, and another $85 million... Continue Reading →

When will we ever learn. Are Benzo’s the next Opiates?

You will find communities for those who desire to be rid of alcohol or heroin or cocaine. Strangers will high-five you if they see “Keep Coming Back or a” key chain fob or if they hear you saying “I’ve got a year.” Benzos, though, go unnoticed sufficient reason behind the extremely minimal discussion. They’re well-known enough that there surely is an opinion of there pros and cons.

More importantly, benzos tend to be correlated with morbidity more regularly than mortality. If someone can overdose for a medication, it becomes a stigma. Barbiturates fell out of advantage at the beginning of the sixties after very noticeable people, like Marilyn Monroe, overdosed and died. Xanax, on its own, will generally move you to space out and drift off.

If it doesn’t lead directly to demise, a medicine will likely last for as long as it proves both lucrative to manufacturers or useful to consumers. Decay doesn’t count in America—just death.

Altering the behavior and character of an individual doesn’t see to count for anything. The opiate epidemic does, causes individuals to die. But going through hell is hardly noticed and doctors, especially in the United States Of America, have a limited understanding on how to precisely taper folks down.

Furthermore, after becoming addicted to Benzodiazepines, a doctor generally will discontinue care. There license is paramount. They put you onto it, got you hooked and once you become a dependent There to worried about there license. So so what now?

In addition, various other benzos were becoming prescribed for individuals coping with medicine usage problems. This is how Stevie Nicks wound up on Klonopin which she fundamentally described as “more life-threatening than the coke.”

By the very early eighties, the united states general public ended up being conscious that Valium could cause dependence, disorientation, and hospitalization. The clear answer? Just change the name. In 1981, Upjohn introduced Xanax, a benzodiazepine structurally just like Valium. Stronger but shorter-acting, Xanax resolved public concerns about Valium zombies, and even though Xanax was discovered to make even more intense withdrawal signs than Valium.

Straight Talk with No BS

There are communities for those who want to be rid of alcohol or heroin or cocaine. Strangers will high-five you if they see a black plastic “Keep Coming Back” key chain fob or if they hear you saying “I’ve got a year.” Benzos, though, go unnoticed and with very limited discussion. They are popular enough that there is still not a consensus view of the downside. How crazy is that?

More importantly, benzos are correlated with morbidity more often than mortality. If someone can overdose on a drug, it can be stigmatized. Barbiturates fell out of favor in the early sixties after highly visible people, like Marilyn Monroe, overdosed and died. A handful of Xanax, by itself, will generally make you space out and fall asleep. If it doesn’t lead directly to death, a drug will likely stick around for as long as it proves either profitable to manufacturers or…

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