The Untold Truth Behind Fake News

This site is not about Politics, it’s not about Political issues. However, I was reading a blog which caught my attention. The following astounded me the most.

Firstly, I previously wrote a blog for informational purposes only about the present state of our culture under the present administration. It got some play. I am going to reprint it, for informational purposes.

What I was astounded to learn and this according to Pew Research Poll.

  1. More than half Americans think Fake News is a major issue

Are you kidding me! Today, and I go back six decades, there is more access to news, and more access if you dig a bit to accurate information, then there has ever been. That said, there is more access to “fake news” or inaccurate information. That said, Technology, has made it more difficult to hide the truth from the “People”. Back in the day, the news was canned and we were told what they wanted us to believe. There was not the ability to fact check the news as there is today. Without much effort fact checking is relatively easy.

2. Fake News is a bigger issue in the United States than Racism. Really!

We, or most of us like to think of ourselves as objective, and certainly not racist. That said, it is human nature to be biased. The old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, nevertheless we all do. How many times have you met someone for the first time and within minutes or less have summed up what the person’s about. Later to find out how wrong we were. So we are all biased to some degree, it Okay, it’s normal, so to say Race is not a more important issue than Fake News is astounding to me.

3. Immigration

This goes without saying

4. Terrorism

This goes with saying as well

Only Healthcare and Drug Addiction were bigger issues to Americans than “Fake News”

Now if this is remotely true, I’m sad, very sad. What does that say about us as Americans. If that is true I’m embarrassed to be an American

Here is a reprint of my original post to add context to the above

Donald Trump doesn’t deserve credit for all of this, but he sure has accelerated it. At such a rate it’s painful to read or watch the news. It’s embarrassing to be an American.

Free trade,






Mass shootings,

Hate crimes,



Foreign wars,


Polarized culture,




Executive privilege,

The wall,


Supreme Court,

Health care,


Government shutdowns,

Mueller report,

And on and on and on…,

When is enough?


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Simply Pao.

A Journal of Trauma, Healing, and Motherhood


56 Days to Fitness


Smashing Mental Illness Stigma

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