What’s wrong with Republican’s

First of all I am thoroughly disgusted with President Trump. Quite honestly I never liked him from the outset. Not there was a candidate I was in love with because there wasn't. When I voted I voted for the least of the evil's. which in itself is a sad commentary on America. Somehow I subscribed … Continue reading What’s wrong with Republican’s


Hurricane Harvey intensifies

Hurricane Harvey is quickly intensifying over warm water in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Maximum sustained winds now exceed 85 MPH and strengthening is expected. Harvey is anticipated to carry a massive amount of rain. People in the path of Harvey should complete their hurricane preparations in the next 24 hours. [Timeline and possible path […] … Continue reading Hurricane Harvey intensifies

Active Shooting in Charleston S.C.

Police and S.W.A.T. teams in a popular neighborhood in Charleston, SC have swarmed the area. At this point details are not available. There is at least one shooter police have identified and they are looking for additional shooters. The area has been evacuated. No causalities have reported at this point. New information since the original … Continue reading Active Shooting in Charleston S.C.

Browns name Kizer as starter

The Cleveland Browns have named rookie Quarterback Deshon Kizer as the starter for this weekend's preseason game. It is presumed he will be the starter on opening day. Brock Osweiller was the Starter going in to training camp, however Kizer has shinned during preseason and has risen quickly up the depth chart. There is no … Continue reading Browns name Kizer as starter

Dodger’s Pitcher Rich Hill sets MLB Record

Dodger's pitcher Rich Hill pitched a perfect game through 7 innings. He was helped by a great catch by the oldest player on the field 2nd baseman chase Utley who laid out and snagged a vicious line drive. He lost the perfect game in the eight inning on error by the Dodgers third baseman. Nevertheless … Continue reading Dodger’s Pitcher Rich Hill sets MLB Record

Charlottesvilles Protester Cantwell in Jail

Chris Cantwell member of the White Supremacy movement in the news today is in Jail. He turned himself in. A video of him talking to an interviewer which went viral and showing a collection of guns and weapons he had on his person