The Trumpbeat Goes On and On and On………..

Just when you think you heard and seen it all, President Donald Trump goes one further. It is a never ending nightmare. The president recently released a statement which included in referring to the Sri Lanka bombings that he is empathetic and wishes all the best in recovery efforts, stating he realizes the agony Sri … Continue reading The Trumpbeat Goes On and On and On………..


Money Talks and ……………… Walks

It is so hard to get a politically unbiased account of this situation. After reviewing popular publications and articles from both sides of the argument, I can confidently say things are not looking good for Mrs. Ford. If all the articles from the media are intended to bolster her argument or cast doubt on the … Continue reading Money Talks and ……………… Walks

Ball of Confusion

In 1969 the above title was a controversial song by the Temptations, it portrayed all the unrest in this country during many movements germane to that time period. There was the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, Woodstock, college kids protesting a myriad of issues taking to college campuses nationwide to express their discontent with … Continue reading Ball of Confusion

USA vs USA version 2

Leader Pelosi emailed. But I had to reach out too -- because President Trump’s actions yesterday were a disgrace. His decision to eliminate DACA is devastating -- and shows how heartless he and his Republicans really are. They’re ripping apart families. They’re hurting children and teenagers who know no other home than America. And we … Continue reading USA vs USA version 2

Active Shooting in Charleston S.C.

Police and S.W.A.T. teams in a popular neighborhood in Charleston, SC have swarmed the area. At this point details are not available. There is at least one shooter police have identified and they are looking for additional shooters. The area has been evacuated. No causalities have reported at this point. New information since the original … Continue reading Active Shooting in Charleston S.C.