Are Woman Smarter than Men?

I made an observation in reviewing my blogs stats, followers, likes, views, etc... I would greatly appreciate feedback, your thoughts and comments on what I observed. This will not be a log blog. I write about the mind and the heart, mostly Mental Health and Relationships. Should be a gender neutral subject as both genders... Continue Reading →


All You Need is Love

Sometimes in life, everything you do turns out wrong. Your intentions were good but good intentions sometimes are the pathway to hell Sometimes life just feels out of control. Sometimes it feels like people or circumstances are controlling your life for you. In those moments, it is important to remember what you CAN control!  Personally,... Continue Reading →

One Last Thought

I will be taking a break from blogging, have some important business to attend to.                     Before and                       AfterThank you all for following us and I hope we provided some relevant content that's helpfulHappy Father's day if it applies. See you soon.

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