A Washington Post Journalist is Killed by the Saudi Government and what is the President of USA doing about it?

Turkish officials suspected within hours of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance that he had likely been killed, CNN has learned. Intelligence officials raced to the Istanbul airport where a private Saudi plane was waiting to take off -- to try to find out whether he had been abducted or whether his body was being taken …

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Attention Deficit Disorder Does everyone have ADD

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I received a notification from a blogger whose site directed me to a symptom checker about ADD or ADHD or whatever it’s called. For some reason this compelled me to write about this learning disorder. It reminded me of my experience with Attention deficit disorder.

I am “old school”and back when I was growing up there was no such thing as Attention deficit disorder, although in retrospect I had every symptom. When I was 8 yrs old I banged my head on the wall while in bed in order to fall a sleep or I banged my legs up and down in bed continuously in order to sleep. I never told anybody I was to embarrassed.

Nevertheless years later at age 27 I was diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder and prescribed Ritalin. For some years it worked great and my career accelerated. I could read and actually comprehend what I…

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Autism and the different Spectrum Levels

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What motivated me to write this piece is personal experience. I don’t have Autism but someone close to me does. Someone that has recently come in to my life and someone I care deeply about. I have been trying to learn about this debilitating disorder and have learned much, however what I have learned has generated as many questions as answers. Until recently I had no experience dealing with this disorder, and it is incumbent on me to learn as much I can if I want to be of help. So I share some of what I have learned. Understanding of this disorder is in it’s infancy and professional’s are just beginning to put the pieces together. The following information was gathered from http://verywellhealth.com

Every person with autism receives the same diagnosis: autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that a person can be mildly, moderately…

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Three things you need to know about the Senate

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We will find a way to vote you out. Your yes vote means your not interested in justice but only political capital. Your shameful and spineless if you vote yes for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. Your setting the country back 50 years. Shame on you. Your gutless and morally bankrupt and a stain on this country on the state.

Leadership left with the passing of John McCain

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You Don’t Know What You Have until You Don’t Have it Anymore!

Not a day goes by when Donald Trump says or does something that goes against all norms. If you think you have heard it just wait another day. Today after a candidate he backed uses a racial slur against candidate of color and he says he's a very fine man! That he had not heard …

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Trump rolling back DACA

I'm disgusted beyond belief. Fox News just reported that Trump is ending DACA -- President Obama’s policy letting immigrant kids live in the US without fear of deportation. Trump is abandoning innocent children, just so he can roll back President Obama’s legacy and pander to his far-right base. This is not how America works! How …

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