You Don’t Know What You Have Till It’s Gone

As I head back North back home after spending the last two weeks in a metropolitan Southern city, I am saddened somewhat. I have significant depression, which I have never addressed and is now getting in the way. Let me rephrase, it has for to long been getting in the way. I am blessed to... Continue Reading →


One Last Thought

I will be taking a break from blogging, have some important business to attend to.                     Before and                       AfterThank you all for following us and I hope we provided some relevant content that's helpfulHappy Father's day if it applies. See you soon.

Vital and Disturbing Facts about Narcissism

Despite misinformation campaigns with political agendas, and an increasing number of Hollywood movies and TV series over the years, in which gorgeous actresses star in roles portraying women as sadistic, conniving, ruthless killers, decades of research continue to reveal: heartless acts of violence are not gender neutral. Neither is narcissism**, a set of behaviors associated with callous... Continue Reading →

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